Education with a Smile

Our Project:
Education with a Smile

Familial Dysautonomia doesn't necessarily affect the cognitive abilities of the patients. Therefore, most of the students choose to be part of the regular school system. Unfortunately, as a result of complications and frequent hospitalizations, students are absent from school more than the average student. Missing a lot of school has a personal emotional cost as well as an educational one.

Goals of the Education with a Smile Project:
  1. Strengthening the self-esteem of children with FD in order to maximize their potential.
  2. Developing personal study strategies and skills in order to close the gap with the class.
  3. Development of stress and crisis management skills.
  4. Development of social skills.

Courses of action:
  1. Private lessons. Two hours a week with a teacher from their school.
  2. Cooperation with the "Tallim" Organization that supplies private teachers to children who are bedridden ( paid for by the Ministry of Education).
  3. An assistant for each child in elementary school throughout the school year.
  4. Weekly sessions with a psychologist.
  5. Para-medical treatments to improve speech, swallowing and balance (stability).